Waterproofing Services

Chem Tec(Pvt) Ltd is proud to be one of the leading combinations of waterproofing contractors in Sri Lanka. We provide quality waterproofing services to commercial, industrial, and residential customer

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Rooftop Waterproofing

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Specialised Coatings

The rooftop is an important part of any structure, so we need some measurements to protect it.

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Swimming Pool Waterproofing

Leakage in swimming pools is frustrating. Don’t worry. We are here to address your frustration more professionally.

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Basement waterproofing

Are you trying to prevent a wet basement? We will help you to avoid basement flooding.

Why Choose Chemtec

Chemtec (Pvt) Ltd waterproofing company has been providing expert specialist waterproofing solutions in Sri Lanka since 2015 today, with over seven years of the Chemtec brand, with our remarkable experience and thorough understanding of the customer’s requirements. We bring unmatched value to each project to the entire advantage of our customers.

What You Get

ChemTec do the best to fulfill the client’s every water leakage/waterproofing issue. As a reputed company in the field of waterproofing, we do